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    This week’s undisputed winner of the Hadden Shame Award goes to the driver who threatened the rear of the One Billion Rising march with his SUV, on Thursday. In an act of road rage, this person showed how much he just didn’t “get it.” Fortunately, Portland activists are not easily intimidated. Instead of fearful acquiescence, the driver found that he was quickly blocked — and held accountable — by some empowered autonomous individuals.

    What’s the stupidest question you could possibly ask after being informed that you’ve been filmed threatening people?

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    Screen shot 2013-02-18 at 4.51.31 AM



    Runner Up: Security Guard at Oregon Historical Society.

    At the conclusion of Sunday’s action, bringing light to Esco Corp’s crimes, a security guard approached me. He ordered me to delete my video. I did not comply, so as we stood outside on the steps of the building, basking in our victory, he came out to snap photos of each of us. “For security purposes,” he explained. Congratulations, sir. You didn’t gain my compliance, but now you will gain some small measure of internet fame.

    Photography is a crime.

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