• VIDEO RECAP & Next Steps – Class #2 (2/6) The Commons, The Public Domain, and the Sacred

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    This week’s discussion was very lively and, in my humble opinion, excellent.

    Here’s the video:



    For next week, we are going to hold off on introducing new material in order to do some housekeeping and also to address readings we haven’t yet had an opportunity to fully embrace.

    Per this development, Elizabeth will facilitate on 2/20 and we’ll need to talk about that day a little bit more because there was consensus that the reading suggested was simply too long. There was some discussion of perhaps a few people who were able to read the whole book and then give an oral account to the group. Natalie Fuller volunteered to participate in this if we happen to go this way.

    Two things on the agenda for 2/13:

    (1) We still need to consider longer term issues of how we will work through our broad themes of the Commons, the Public Domain, and the Sacred. To that end, people should come to the meeting having thought of proposals for classes they might want to facilitate in the coming weeks and months.

    (2) We’ll re-read the following

    (3) Set the schedule for coming weeks. As is, it seems that Elizabeth will facilitate (or co-facilitate depending on what happens) on 2/13 and Tori will facilitate/co-facilitate on 2/20.

    One comment on “VIDEO RECAP & Next Steps – Class #2 (2/6) The Commons, The Public Domain, and the Sacred

    1. Good quickie notes of the meeting here. Super excited to discuss the reading we weren’t able to get to. Wonderful discussions tonight. Everyone remember to BYOB next week!

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