• ESCO Steel — A legacy worth celebrating?

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    ESCO steel reported $849 million in global sales in 2010. This was enough to earn them lavish praise from local business journalist Richard Read, who suggests that companies like ESCO form an under-appreciated but decidedly manly backbone for Portland’s “weird” economy. One of ESCO’s plants is actually five blocks from Chapman elementary in Northwest...

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    A Brighter Future for Oregon: Ending the CRC

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    This article was originally published by Blue Oregon. Childhood asthma. In the era of Swine Flu, pandemics, and entire shows dedicated to outrageous medical oddities (an amoeba in his BRAIN?!), the concept of asthma seems so blasé. But to the kids who deal with it on a daily basis, often bravely and without complaint,...

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    Livestream: Portland One Billion Rising

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    One billion rising

    Jess Hadden will be streaming the day’s events right around 3 PM, so check it out: Part 1: Part 2:   Background info from the One Billion Rising event page: “One Billion Rising is a Global Call to Action to end violence against women and girls by coming together, taking a stand, and dancing...

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    Periodic Coal Export Update #2

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    Kari Chisholm at Blue Oregon already published some coal truth this week through his post on the global-danger-posed-by-versus-comparably-low-local-economic-benefits of Northwest coal exports (after taking into account economic sectors that would be negatively impacted by the effects of coal and externalities, I strongly doubt there would be any net local economic benefits), but there’s still a...

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