• Transpecies Adaptation in Technologies of Domination vs. Technologies of Liberation

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    This is a guest submission by Jonathan Brooks Superfluously represented from the annals of antiquity to live-stream channels of modernity, it hardly is a challenge to find instances where ‘technologies of domination’ fulfill the intention of their design, to effectuate oppressive control (over members of ours and other species) for a supposed benefit to...

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    Capitalism Sucks… All Your Time and Energy

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    Note: I started work on this article two months ago, but I was too busy enjoying life to finish it until now. Work, as a moral imperative, seems to function a lot like the panopticon: you discipline yourself, unsure whether anyone else is watching. This makes a lot of sense if you accept, a...

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    Obama Appoints Anti-Abortion Supreme Court Justice
    Liberals ‘Just Thankful a Democrat was in Office’

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    Supreme Court

    Earlier today, sources inside the White House reported that Obama has selected Perry Harbuckle to replace the vacant seat on the Supreme Court, left by retired Justice Ruth Ginsberg. Harbuckle, having no previous legal or judiciary experience, comes from the private sector. His previous occupation was as CEO of a major Wall Street mortgage...

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    Portland to DEQ: “NO COAL”

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    Rather than write my own account of the DEQ’s Coyote Island coal export terminal draft permit hearings, I’m going to embed my favorite videos of community members who spoke against the permits inside the hearings and at the People’s Hearing outside of the Oregon Convention Center. If you’re looking to be inspired and to...

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