• An Opportunity for Real Change

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    Bull Run

    This is a guest submission from Jonah Majure, Chief Petitioner in the Portland Water Trust initiative effort. The events leading up to the city-wide vote on whether or not to fluoridate our city’s water supply reconnected Portlanders with where our exceptional water comes from and how it is managed. Voters on both sides of...

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    An Interview with The Empowered Woman

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    Guest post: Meg Brennan is the most kindred of souls. She lives with a cat named Scout and a rabbit named Walter. If you grow close to her, expect to be showered in whiskey and cupcakes. •• The Empowered Woman has chosen where we will have our interview (“She is choosing the place,” her...

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    ‘Operation CRC’ Needs You!

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    This last week has seen a blitz of Columbia River Crossing updates. We learned the now dead freeway expansion and light rail project will likely see an attempted reanimation via a special legislative session originally focused on tax increases and gutting public employee pensions. We learned that the Oregon-only plan being shoved forward will sink...

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    Free course: ‘The Commons, the Sacred, and the Public Domain’ at Recess • Materials for Sept. 17th, 2013

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    Screen shot 2013-09-11 at 5.13.22 PM

    Good news, everyone! Continuing the free course started last winter and returned recently to  Recess Gallery, we’ll be hosting our next meeting of the minds. Don’t forget to read the writings, it’s about bikes!  Event page for class is HERE.   ~H. Bikenomics: How Bicycling Can Save Our Economy ~  PDF Here >>>  BKNMCS In...

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    Free course: ‘The Commons, the Sacred, and the Public Domaine’ materials for Sept. 3rd

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    Screen shot 2013-09-01 at 6.44.19 PM

    Continuing the free course started last winter and returned recently to PNCA, Recess Gallery will be hosting our next meeting of the minds. Event page for class HERE.  ••• Exhaustion and Exuberance : Ways to Defy the Pressure to Perform by Jan Verwoert, Exhaustion and Exuberance is a collection of essays by art critic Jan Verwoert. This particular essay...

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    Prison for Heroes, Nobels for War Criminals

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    35 years. That’s how long Private Manning will spend in prison for exposing war crimes carried out by the United States military’s war machine. It’s hard to fathom a sentence this long. 35 years is roughly half a lifetime. With time served, Manning will be close to sixty years old when freed. Anger doesn’t...

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    Transpecies Adaptation in Technologies of Domination vs. Technologies of Liberation

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    This is a guest submission by Jonathan Brooks Superfluously represented from the annals of antiquity to live-stream channels of modernity, it hardly is a challenge to find instances where ‘technologies of domination’ fulfill the intention of their design, to effectuate oppressive control (over members of ours and other species) for a supposed benefit to...

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    When Is it Okay to Say ‘Fuck Charlie Hales’?

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    Screen shot 2013-08-15 at 5.43

    Listening to Portland, OR mayor Charlie Hales claim that police raids on homeless people are meant to punish “lawlessness” – hearing him respond to questions about expanding Dignity Village with quips like “it’s hard to find land”, it’s difficult to quell the revulsion one feels in their stomach. Listening to Hales being asked if...

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