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    Do Black Lives Matter in the Northwest? Progressives and the Disparate Response to Direct Action

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        On Tuesday, dozens of activists with Don’t Shoot PDX blockaded traffic on SW 4th Ave outside City Hall, claiming the street as a public space for four and a half hours—the same length of time that police officers left Michael Brown’s lifeless body in the street. The event was a direct response to...

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    Mystery Science Food 2000

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    Three weeks ago the EPA approved the production of genetically modified corn that would survive applications of 2,4-d, a toxic herbicide associated with cancer, reproductive problems, and cell damage. 2,4-d is a key ingredient of Monsanto’s infamous agent orange, which was indiscriminately dumped and sprayed in rural South Vietnam, with some 12 million gallons...

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    Class # 8 (4/3) The Commons, the Public Domain and the Sacred

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    olympic national forest

    Part 1: Tree Huggers by Kathie Durbin, Chapter 1: The Glory Days of Logging (21-26) Chapter 2: Stopping the Juggernaut (26-33) Chapter 7 (scroll down): Loving a Place (72-77) + picture of Slade Gorton (not yet scanned) (Olympic National Forest) Part 2: The Battle of Bull Run — 1-5 Part 3: Public Assets, Private...

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