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    Hart Noecker is a 33 year old cyclist, vegan, filmmaker, radical urbanist, and writer at: http://mismanagingperception.com


    Charlie Hales Propane Scheme Contradicts Portland’s Climate Action Plan

    by  • December 3, 2014 • Hart, Rebel Cities, Rebel Portland, Sustainable Cities, The Shaming Room • 0 Comments


    This article was originally published on Blue Oregon. This September, a few noteworthy news stories broke that seemed to escape public consciousness. One was on Portland winning global honors for it’s Climate Action Plan. From a city press release: “Portland is among 10 cities worldwide to receive the C40 City Climate Leadership Awards 2014. Portland is developing ‘complete...

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    PRT Tug-o-War at the DEQ

    by  • April 28, 2014 • Hart, No Coal, Rebel Cities, Rebel Portland, Sustainable Cities, The Shaming Room • 0 Comments


    Earlier today, as part of the Global Climate Convergence, activists with Portland Rising Tide staged a direct action in the lobby of the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality in protest of the agency’s complacency with corporate polluters poisoning the planet. From the action’s event page: “Join Portland Rising Tide and others Monday, April 28th...

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    How Corrupted is the OLCV?

    by  • February 17, 2014 • Hart, Nature's Trust, The Shaming Room, Water Wars • 2 Comments

    OLCV compromised logo

    Last week at a public hearing over the proposed Columbia River Crossing freeway expansion, Oregon League of Conservation Voters executive director Doug Moore sat down in the capitol building in Salem to testify against the bloated mega-project. After refusing to oppose the CRC during the 2013 legislative session, and after refusing to even sign...

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    Unmerciful Insanity: the Columbia River Crossing

    by  • January 12, 2014 • Columbia River Crossing, Hart, Sustainable Cities, The Shaming Room • 2 Comments

    CRC punkd 2

    In the last two years I’ve written over 20 articles breaking down why the Columbia River Crossing freeway mega-expansion isn’t just failed transportation policy, but why it’s an outright nightmare totally out of line with the values our community champions.  From historical precedent, to strange-bedfellow political opposition, to austerity, to the growing climate crisis, to Charlie...

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    Salem CRC Hearing Liveblog: Round 2

    by  • January 10, 2014 • Columbia River Crossing, Hart, Rebel Portland, Sustainable Cities • 1 Comment


    Hi, folks. The defunct Columbia River Crossing freeway mega-expansion appears to be back. Mismanaging Perception will be live-blogging a committee hearing in Salem today, January 14th, 2014 beginning shortly before 1PM. For previous CRC related articles from MMP, click HERE. MMP’s CRC liveblog from last year can be reviewed HERE. ••• Due to technical...

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    Columbia River Crossing Lies and the Lying Liars that Tell Them

    by  • November 5, 2013 • Columbia River Crossing, Hart, Rebel Cities, Rebel Portland, Sustainable Cities • 2 Comments


    This piece was originally published on Rebel Metropolis. Okay, I’m gonna try to keep this one short. After dancing on the grave of the CRC this summer, I’ve largely refrained from dragging myself through the nauseating task of tapping fingers to keyboard yet again over this $4 to $10 billion dollar mistake that just...

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    ‘Scorched Earth Urbanism’ and other Quasi-Satirical Street Vocabularies

    by  • October 7, 2013 • Hart, Rebel Cities, Rebel Portland, Right to the City / Free School, Sustainable Cities • 0 Comments


    This article originally appeared on RebelMetropolis.org. When defining a new term, or redefining a marginalized term, it helps to define its converse. The word ‘sustainable’ has become such a meaningless marketing brand. If we’re going to take this one back from the PR firms we’ll need to draw a few lines. The opposite of...

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    ‘Operation CRC’ Needs You!

    by  • September 19, 2013 • Columbia River Crossing, Hart, Rebel Cities, Rebel Portland, Sustainable Cities, The Shaming Room • 0 Comments


    This last week has seen a blitz of Columbia River Crossing updates. We learned the now dead freeway expansion and light rail project will likely see an attempted reanimation via a special legislative session originally focused on tax increases and gutting public employee pensions. We learned that the Oregon-only plan being shoved forward will sink...

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