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    VIDEO RECAP & Next Readings – Class #5 (2/27) – The Commons, The Public Domain, and the Sacred

    by  • February 28, 2013 • Right to the City / Free School • 0 Comments


    We were a little bit rascally last night because of the booze. Gotta respect stack a little bit more, but still some interesting conversation:   For 2/27, we’re going to start our look at the commons. Here are the readings: Regenerating the Human Right to a Clean and Healthy Environment in the Commons Renaissance part...

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    Truce: An End to the Car-Bike Wars

    by  • February 26, 2013 • Austerity, Columbia River Crossing, Lisa Marie, Sustainable Cities • 1 Comment

    Better options, better quality of life for everyone. It's time to work together.

    Article originally posted on BlueOregon.com They’re aggressive, sometimes dangerously so, and destroy our air quality, communities, and planet. They’re in the way, run stop signs, and ride without regard for others on the road. Regardless of which trench (or, god forbid, in the inhospitable in-between of No Man’s Land) you find yourself, you’re likely...

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    VIDEO RECAP & Next Readings – Class #4 (2/20) – The Commons, The Public Domain, and the Sacred

    by  • February 22, 2013 • Right to the City / Free School • 0 Comments

    This week we stuck with “The Sacred” and talked about relationships of/with things:   This week, we’ve got Max and Patrick facilitating and the following readings: (1) Joseph Campbell – The Hero With A Thousand Faces (Epilogue) (2) The Temporary Autonomous Zone, Ontological Anarchy, and Poetic Terrorism by Hakim Bey (3) Peter Lamborn WIlson –...

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    Weeklyish Hall of Shame Roundup

    by  • February 18, 2013 • film, Jess, The Shaming Room • 0 Comments

    This week’s undisputed winner of the Hadden Shame Award goes to the driver who threatened the rear of the One Billion Rising march with his SUV, on Thursday. In an act of road rage, this person showed how much he just didn’t “get it.” Fortunately, Portland activists are not easily intimidated. Instead of fearful...

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    “Profiting from the Tar Sands in the Green City” livestream (and less-than-live stream) footage

    by  • February 17, 2013 • film, Jess, Sustainable Cities • 0 Comments

    Earlier today, a group of hearty activists — spurred by the propaganda being espoused on behalf of ecological criminal Esco Corp at the Oregon Historical Society — decided to create an exhibit of our own. Awesomely, the staff loved us, and even cheered us on. Security, on the other hand, was less than amused....

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    VIDEO RECAP & Next Readings – Class #3 (2/13) – The Commons, The Public Domain, and the Sacred

    by  • February 17, 2013 • Right to the City / Free School • 0 Comments

    Video of the discussion, Part 1 (generally includes our planning for the course in the longer term): Part 2 (discussion over the readings): (see end of this post for the notes from the meeting).   Next Week’s Readings (Tori will facilitate): Chapters 1 &2 in Bennett, Jane. 2010. Vibrant matter: a political ecology of...

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    ESCO Steel — A legacy worth celebrating?

    by  • February 16, 2013 • Rebel Portland, Stephyn, Sustainable Cities, The Shaming Room • 0 Comments

    ESCO steel reported $849 million in global sales in 2010. This was enough to earn them lavish praise from local business journalist Richard Read, who suggests that companies like ESCO form an under-appreciated but decidedly manly backbone for Portland’s “weird” economy. One of ESCO’s plants is actually five blocks from Chapman elementary in Northwest...

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    A Brighter Future for Oregon: Ending the CRC

    by  • February 15, 2013 • Austerity, Columbia River Crossing, Lisa Marie, Rebel Cities, Rebel Portland, Sustainable Cities • 0 Comments

    This article was originally published by Blue Oregon. Childhood asthma. In the era of Swine Flu, pandemics, and entire shows dedicated to outrageous medical oddities (an amoeba in his BRAIN?!), the concept of asthma seems so blasé. But to the kids who deal with it on a daily basis, often bravely and without complaint,...

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