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    Columbia River Crossroads

    by  • December 28, 2012 • Columbia River Crossing, Hart, Sustainable Cities • 7 Comments

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    COLUMBIA RIVER CROSSROADS Can Progressive Eco-Warriors and Conservative Budget-Hawks Combine Forces to Stop the ’Build-Baby-Build’ Democrats? ——————- by Hart Noecker Ever have one of those nightmares you awake from gasping for breathe, pouring sweat, heart racing – only to look around and realize you haven’t woken at all, that the nightmare is still surrounding you, terrifying you,...

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    Slaughter the Freeways: A Radical Livable Streets Movement

    by  • December 2, 2012 • Columbia River Crossing, Hart, Rebel Cities, Rebel Portland, Sustainable Cities • 4 Comments


    Where Are the Slayers of the Mt. Hood Freeway Today? In the 1960s in Portland, Oregon the proposed Mt Hood Freeway was a done deal. By 1972 the plan for the freeway had perished. In 1967 the city proposed making the Harbor Drive highway even wider. Several years later that highway was ripped from...

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